How We Increased PurpleAir's Paid Ads Revenue by 8.5x

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How do you run paid ads that actually drive profits? See how HyperPop did this and boosted PurpleAir’s paid ads revenue by 8.5x in just 3 months. 

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1.6 > 5.4

ROAS from 1.6 to an average monthly ROAS of 5.4


Peak monthly ROAS

2,900,000 +

Peak Monthly Website Views


Increased Paid Ads Revenue


PurpleAir provides professional-grade air quality monitors to track hyper-local, real-time air quality data. By doing so, it empowers community scientists to facilitate social change by collecting, analyzing, and sharing air quality information with the public. Its data is highly regarded and used by Google, the EPA, NASA, and many others.

When we met PurpleAir, it had a paid ads strategy that barely covered the cost of its campaign, and its marketing campaigns were only using some of Google’s capabilities. So, when HyperPop stepped in we saw a host of opportunity to improve their paid ads.


8 months


Air Quality Monitoring



01 The Problem

How to Get the Most Out of Paid Ads

PurpleAir was running paid ads campaigns already. However, it wasn’t taking full advantage of them—not enough to see actual results. We see this problem often and are always willing to help brands use the marketing strategy correctly. Almost immediately, we identified a host of opportunities to implement a robust paid ads strategy and boost the revenue PurpleAir was getting.  


A Fail-proof Paid Ads Strategy 

To start off, it's crucial for our team to gain a comprehensive understanding of PurpleAir's business. We analyzed the company's identity, its strategic trajectory, and what sets it apart from competitors. Then, we developed tailored marketing strategies to give PurpleAir maximum revenue generation. 

1. Market Research

Our team engaged in thorough conversations with PurpleAir's CEO, Adrian Dybwad. We gained a comprehensive understanding of the company, delving into its specific industry, target demographic, distinctive selling points, values, and objectives. This enabled us to obtain a complete picture of its existing circumstances and obstacles. Plus, we conducted extensive research into its industry and competitors to attain a well-rounded perspective. 

2. Strategy Building 

With the necessary information at hand, our team developed and pitched a new approach to PurpleAir’s paid ads campaigns. We audited its current Google Ads strategy and built a new strategy to bring brand awareness to potential customers, drive more people to its website, and convert that traffic to sales. We also determined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to ensure that the paid ads are working effectively.

3. Implementation 

We then put the plan into action. Our marketing team redesigned PurpleAir’s entire conversion funnel to maximize profit, track the paid ads’ performance, and apply adjustments when necessary. After the first 3 months with HyperPop, PurpleAir’s revenue through Google Ads campaigns grew over 6.5x. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With HyperPop’s direction, PurpleAir implemented a robust Google Ads strategy and saw an increase across a variety of metrics over the course of several months.   

4. Optimization

We regularly update PurpleAir with in-depth reports, so its leaders see how their marketing efforts are paying off. These paid ads strategies require constant tweaking, so we’re always keeping an eye out for anything else we can improve for PurpleAir. We ensure that its paid ads campaigns are meeting the KPIs and exceeding the client’s expectations. 

03 The Solution

Investing in Google Ads that Work 

By working with HyperPop for their Paid Ads campaigns, PurpleAir has been able to bring in more profits, higher conversion rates, and more website traffic. We took what PurpleAir initially had, realigned it with the company’s objectives, used marketing techniques to develop a custom solution, and witnessed improvements almost immediately. Now, PurpleAir has paid ads campaigns that generate real results every month.


Increasing the Return in Paid Ads 

Since working with HyperPop, PurpleAir has been able to leverage paid ads campaigns and utilize Google’s powerful capabilities. In less than a year, PurpleAir increased Return on Advertising Spend  (ROAS) from 1.6 to 5.4—reaching a peak monthly ROAS of 12.4. The average monthly Google Ads revenue has grown 8.5x in a few months. Moreover, the business was able to drive more than 600,000 users onto its website. We’re excited to see PurpleAir thrive and expand around the world. 

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