How PurpleAir Generated Thousands of Sales with Email Marketing 

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How did PurpleAir generate 100,000+ sales in about 12 months? Here's how HyperPop built an email marketing strategy that positioned them for long term growth.

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Gaining wide recognition in numerous communities, PurpleAir has become one of the most well-known air quality monitors on the market. Even established institutions like Google, NASA, ExactAQ, AirNow, and EPA used PurpleAir’s air quality data for their projects and studies.

But PurpleAir wanted to translate this growing reputation into business profits and sales. So, they turned to our Vancouver marketing agency, where we saw the potential of a powerful email marketing strategy. With it, we knew we could bring them more sales, improve email open rates, and grow their email list. This email case study dives into how we accomplished that.


12 months


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01 The Problem

How to Develop an Email Marketing Strategy that Targets Growth 

Before HyperPop stepped in, PurpleAir already had a list of subscribers from their Shopify account. However, they didn't have an email marketing strategy or even email platform, as they were busy scaling their business operations. Because of this, they weren’t effectively converting their potential leads into loyal customers. 


Tailoring an Email Marketing Strategy with Real-World Results

Without a pre-existing email marketing strategy, we started building one from scratch. This meant that we needed to delve into PurpleAir’s target demographic, analyze their customer experiences, and understand their goals for the campaign. From here, we crafted an email marketing strategy that fostered strong connections with their customers. 

1. Understanding the Situation 

First, we studied PurpleAir’s current list of subscribers to fully grasp their customer segments. We also researched their marketing funnel and customer journey. This way, we could reach customers at the right touch points. At the same time, we can send them emails with content that’s relevant to them. 

2. Strategy Building 

Next, we chose an email platform that integrated seamlessly with PurpleAir’s eCommerce website. Klaviyo was a perfect fit due to its tight integration with Shopify. We also tested their deliverability and list quality and conducted an email warmup by engaging their current list of subscribers. 

3. Implementation 

With email software in place, we created automated email flows for each part of the customer's journey. This included Welcome Emails, Abandoned Cart Emails, Customer Thank You Emails, Purchaser Winback Emails, and Non-Purchaser Winback Emails. 

4. Optimization

We also expanded their email marketing strategy by creating and sending weekly news, educational, or sales email campaigns to their audience. By creating optimized audience segments, we could send highly targeted email campaigns. This helped us to improve their email performance and revenue, improve click-through rates, convert new customers, and nurture their existing audience.

Finally, we created email sign-up forms for different areas of their website with different goals in mind. We also segmented their list based on those sign-up forms to improve personalization in every email.

03 The Solution

Nurturing Customer Relationships to Drive Profits

Because of HyperPop's robust email marketing strategy and execution, PurpleAir launched an email list that not only further increased the trust and engagement with their community—but brought in record-breaking profits. We’ve also grown their email list drastically since we started working with them. 


Optimizing the Power of Email Marketing

Thanks to our email marketing efforts, PurpleAir has seen immense success across the board. Over the last year, we’ve been able to:

  • Generate hundreds of thousands in additional sales
  • Obtain an average open rate of 57.7%
  • Achieve an average click-through rate of 7.6%

We can’t wait to see where PurpleAir goes next, and we’re thrilled to be on this journey with them. And if you need help with email marketing, don’t hesitate to reach out and chat with our experts.

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