Making a Strong Brand Identity for Mom's Heating & Cooling

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You’ve got a great company, but does your brand reflect that? See how HyperPop developed Mom’s iconic branding, and learn how we can do the same for you. 

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At Mom’s Heating and Cooling, Venice and his team are changing the way people buy HVAC systems by giving homeowners back their purchasing power. Mom’s Heating does this by being transparent and personal with every homeowner. Their team also helps them with installing and servicing their HVAC system. But before they achieve all these, they needed a business name, brand identity, and marketing strategy. So, they worked with HyperPop so create an iconic brand identity to highlight their mission.


3 months


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01 The Problem

Who is Mom's Heating and Cooling?

Venice Tabernero wants to revolutionize the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry. With over 12 years of experience, he has the skills, knowledge, and expertise. But he didn’t know how to start. He needed help concretizing his vision into actionable marketing and branding strategies that laid the groundwork for his new business. 


How We Created an Iconic Brand Identity

To build a brand from the ground up, we needed to understand the business from inside out—what it is, where it’s heading, and what makes it different. Based on this, we developed branding call & market research to drive the brand to where it needs to go. 

1. Interview and Information Gathering 

Before diving headfirst into creating a brand identity, the HyperPop team conducted in-depth discussions with Venice. We wanted to understand everything about his new company: his target audiences, unique selling propositions, values, and goals. We also complemented these with extensive research, so we had a clear grasp of the industry and competition.    

2. Strategy Building 

In our first pitch, we came up with the perfect name for the company: Mom’s Heating and Cooling. From there, we developed the brand identity, visuals, voice, and story. We also provided a marketing strategy for the brand launch to establish Mom’s Heating in the market. This included website development, search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, and designing materials. 

3. Implementation 

With a clear brand direction and Venice’s approval, we got to work growing Mom’s Heating. We wrote monthly blogs, LinkedIn posts, and automated email flows showcasing their expertise. We developed Google Ads to broaden the reach of our marketing strategies. Plus, we designed their service vans, shirts, door hangers, and more to raise brand awareness. 

4. Optimization

Every month, we report the data of our marketing strategies to know what works and what doesn’t. Based on this information, we optimize Mom’s Heating marketing strategies to ensure we effectively grow the brand and meet business goals. 

03 The Solution

Letting the Visuals Speak for the Vision 

HyperPop crafted strategic visual elements, including eye-catching logos, cohesive brand colours, and typography to match. Everything had to communicate the brand’s unique selling point—premium HVAC installations with top-tier customer service and trustworthy technicians. The brand guide we crafted gave Mom’s Heating and Cooling a strong, unforgettable identity in the industry. 


Running a Successful Brand Launch

Since brand launch, Mom’s Heating and Cooling has started to establish itself as a reliable HVAC company in Vancouver that provides world-class services to homeowners across the lower mainland. This branding case study also shows how our professional graphic designers created stunning graphics that gave Mom's HVAC a personality that creates a lasting impression. We can’t wait to see where Mom’s Heating and Cooling will go in the future.