How Email Marketing Became 63% of ArmSoars Revenue

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You’re sending emails, but are they effective? See how HyperPop helped ArmSoar increase its open rates and click rates to get a must-needed revenue growth. 

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ArmSoar is an eCommerce brand that sells radio-controlled gliders around the world. What started as a small business for the owners to earn partial income became a fully-fledged online store with a formal production process, research and design department, and a back-end system to keep things running smoothly. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional RC pilot, ArmSoar’s almost-ready-to-fly RC gliders and accessories have made a name for themselves in the community.

But when it came to email marketing, there was a lot left to improve. So, ArmSoar reached out to HyperPop to see how far it could grow.


12 months





01 The Problem

How We Launched an Email List & Drove Sales

ArmSoar had collected emails for years, but rarely emailed its list. Before HyperPop stepped in, the only automated email flow was an abandoned cart flow through Shopify. And while MailChimp was connected, only a handful of campaigns were sent out over the years. Because of this, ArmSoar was missing out on a massive opportunity to increase revenue from email marketing.


Crafting an Email Marketing Strategy that Pops

Before anything, our team must first understand ArmSoar’s business inside out. We dug deep into what the company is, where it’s heading, and what makes it different from others in the market. Based on the information, we created marketing solutions to put ArmSoar in the right direction. 

1. Interview & Market Research

Our team conducted in-depth discussions with ArmSoar’s leaders. We understood everything about the company, its niche industry, target audience, unique selling propositions, values, and goals—everything to have a clear grasp of its current situation and challenge. On top of this, we also carried out extensive research into its industry and competition for a holistic view of their email marketing goals. 

2. Strategy Building 

ArmSoar saw the new direction we’re proposing and got on board. From there, we developed multiple automated email sequences from scratch. Moreover, there was limited integration between its existing platforms—Shopify and MailChimp—so we migrated Klaviyo as the Email Service Provider (ESP) to address the tight integration with Shopify. 

3. Implementation 

Once ArmSoar giving us the green light, HyperPop started implementing its email marketing strategy, building several automated flows for abandoned cart emails, customer thank you emails, customer win-back emails (purchasers and non-purchasers), welcome series emails, and more. Beyond that, we also created and sent weekly email campaigns to build loyalty and connection with its audience.   

4. Optimization

We provide monthly data reports to ArmSoar so the leaders see how their email marketing efforts are performing. We show what’s working, what’s not, and what else we can do for them. We continuously optimize ArmSoar’s email marketing strategies to ensure that we effectively grow the small business into the big company it could be. 

03 The Solution

Connecting with Customers for Revenue Growth 

Because of HyperPop's email marketing strategy and execution, ArmSoar has been able to reclaim its email list and reconnect with its audience in a new way. We took advantage of its idle email list, built an extensive marketing strategy around it, established the back-end system, and saw impressive results happen in real-time. ArmSoar is now engaged with its audience, has a constant stream of visitors to its online store, and enjoys boosted revenue from email marketing.  


Helping ArmSoar Reach New Heights 

ArmSoar’s email marketing has seen some phenomenal results and continues to grow. Within six months of working with HyperPop, its email marketing contributed 63% of its total revenue—with open rates reaching 75.68% and click rates achieving 22.73%. It goes without saying, but we’re excited to see ArmSoar take off with its comprehensive email marketing strategy now in place. 

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